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Reports and BI tools

We have a great variety of reports on your team’s activities; reports about call line status, analyst performance,, and a lot more to improve your work flow. Our indicators show your customer all your operation numbers online.

Personalized satisfaction survey

Create your own satisfaction survey, with questions that are relevant to your business, so that customers can answer them every end of service. Organize your survey in a specific area, making it easy to analyze results.

Call openings by e-mail

with this exclusive resource, you can set Nuubes desk to open calls automatically with e-mail accounts that work only with this purpose. You can have, for example, a complaint or suggestion area on the company’s website.

Teams and people responsible for services

define on Nuubes who will be notified or responsible for each kind of call.

Define service levels L1, L2,…

Create service levels, such as L1, L2, L3, for forwarding calls, according to their level of difficulty. With a preset workflow, the system will forward the calls to the appropriate level, by changing the call status.

Fast settings

It’s very easy to prepare Nuubes Desk for your call operation. You don’t need analysts, programmers, or training. Our tool can be set in a few hours.

Centralized communication

With Nuubes Desk, you can centralize all the calls, and your team works in an organized and professional way. Be more secure in making decisions and creating processes to improve your services.

Cooperative environment

Through markers, we can see the status and who is responsible for every call, avoiding duplication. The team’s replies are seen online and important information can be shared with all operators.

Automation and Workflow

Through automation, different rules send e-mails and notifications, forwarding calls to the responsible departments, every time a user generates a new register. Define patterns and make personalized automation rules for your company.

Knowledge basis

Nuubes desk will simplify and gradually reduce your support volume. That ‘s because registers are organized in our database, making it possible for your company to extract reports and quickly implement correction processes.


  • With Nuubes we were able to automatize the service flow, restructure our processes, have more control, reduce time and improve the quality of our results. I highly Recommend Nuubes.

    André Lima, CEO Founder, Believe You



Define SLA levels by type of call, severity or customer.

Real benefits for your company

Distribute your calls to the appropriate departments , divide them into types of calls, and define your service SLA.

Every line can have their own type of call, status, responsible people, SLA’s , workflow, and forms, with specific fields.


Work automization
Management and control

Nubes desk has its own chat!

With Nuubes desk chat , you will be able to contact your customers and your teams’ professionals really fast. Increase your productivity and safety using only one tool.

Start your 10-day free trial, register your equipments, create you! approval structure, and start managing your company´s assets effectively.



  • We use to manage the  calls of all our customers. We even use the system to set our knowledge basis. This way we serve our Help Desk and Service Desk areas.

    Rafael Lunardelli
    Rafael Lunardelli, General Director, R4L Consulting


A powerful workflow that connects all the teams in your company.

Nuubes Solutions rely on an efficient workflow module, that make it possible for managers to optimize their team’s operation processes.


Plans that fit the size of your team with all their functions.


Annual Plan

R$ 39,90

per user
  • Unlimited calls
  • Integrated workflow among teams
  • BI tool for reports

6 Month-plan

R$ 44,90

per user
  • Unlimited calls
  • Integrated workflow among teams
  • BI tool for reports

Monthly Plan

RS 49,90

per user
  • Unlimited calls
  • Integrated workflow among teams
  • BI tool for reports

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