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Nuubes asset management – Make the asset management in your company simple.


Equipment management

Quickly manage request, delivery, maintenance, and inventory processes of all your company´s electronic devices.

Asset History

Control the flow of requests, approving, device taking and return, keeping the history and life cycle of each device individually.

Intuitive Interface

Nuubes asset has a simple interface, with instant graphics, report generators, and an exclusive business intelligence module, that provides several filters.

Complete Workflow

With our powerful workflow, you can quickly draw request, approval, and delivery flows among your teams, involving your company´s departments.

Auditing and Traceability

After implementing Nuubes asset, you will reduce in more than 70% your costs with management, acquisition, maintanence and technical assistance.

Differents Forms of Use

You can also use nuubes asset to manage external actives, such as remittances for events and fairs, salespeople, technicians, and more!


  • With Nuubes we were able to automatize the service flow, restructure our processes, have more control, reduce time and improve the quality of our results. I highly Recommend Nuubes.

    André Lima, CEO Founder, Believe You



Resource and Service Request Portal


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General Features

  • Device request
  • Approving flow
  • Receiving control
  • Invoice checking
  • Stock updating
  • Inventory control


Work Automation
Management and Control

Asset Files

After getting the managers´approval, the team of physical management of the assets will register the liberation of an asset to the customer, putting this asset on the file of the customer´s inventory, registering the asset data and the date the asset was released to the customer.

At the moment, the customer signs a statement of responsibility about the asset use, made by Nuubes Asset System and has their file updated.

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Asset - Ficha Inventário 1


Resource and Service Catalog

Create resources and classified services, define brand, model, and any information to meet your company´s needs.

Every client´s profile will limit the access to requests and available devices.

Target products and services in your company´s units and keep it visible for the client just the products and services of their profile.

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  • We use to manage the  calls of all our customers. We even use the system to set our knowledge basis. This way we serve our Help Desk and Service Desk areas.

    Rafael Lunardelli
    Rafael Lunardelli, General Director, R4L Consulting

A powerful Workflow that integrates all the teams in your company.

Nuubes solutions rely on an efficient work flow module that allows managers to optimize the operation processes on their teams.

We have improved the task management concept, making it possible to send automatic requests to other areas of your company, with total security, integration and traceability. Set up a demo with our team!

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Management of Asset History and approval in your company



Business Intelligence

With our exclusive Nuubes Business Intelligence, any information consults and crossings are possible. Since simple searches to find assets in any fields, grouping, sorting, even exporting these data to apps, such as excel.

With Nuubes BI you immediately find an asset and identify the history of this asset, finding out who has used this asset, how long it stayed with the customers, its location and where it is now.

You can also identify the events that involved a certain asset in its life cycle. Sky is the limit concerning possibilities of information with Nuubes BI and Asset Management.


Asset - BI

Plans that fit the size of your team with all their functions


Up to 100 Assets

R$ 99,90

  • Unlimited calls
  • Integrated workflows among teams
  • BI tool for reports

Up to 300 Assets

R$ 199,90

  • Unlimited calls
  • Integrated workflows among teams
  • BI tool for reports

Up to 500 Assets

RS 299,00

  • Unlimited calls
  • Integrated workflows among teams
  • BI tool for reportst

+ 500 Assets


  • Unlimited calls
  • Integrated workflows among teams
  • BI tool for reports

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