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Availability (Cloud Computing)

Our systems are available 24 hours, 7 days a week. You can access at any time and anywhere. Boost your productivity!

Flexible setup

You organize and define their information flow from beginning to end, maintaining full control and traceability of its activities. Have a professional management!

Business Inteligence

Nuubes solutions have powerful BI tools for data analysis that generate 100% customized reports. Analyze thousand records in seconds!

Access Profiles

You can define access levels to the system´s functions and restrict information, according to your customer´s profiles.

Information Security

Integrity, confidentiality, and availability are the three pillars of Information Security. With Nuubes software, you have them all!

Cooperation and Engagement

Advanced features reviews, online chat, notifications and alerts will keep you and your staff informed at all times. Create a more collaborative environment!

  • Elisa Stephano

    Nuubes has helped us decrease the number of e-mails generated for each demand. Many times, the process was confused and disorganized; with Nuubes, our demands got organized, and the software helps us make more effective reports.

    Elisa Stephano, Trade Marketing, TIM

News coming soon. Nuubes Mobile!

We know that mobility is the key to increasing the productivity of our customers´teams . For this reason, we have accelerated our development team!


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